Dr. Frank Shallenberger's Ozone Therapy Training & Certification Course - "The Essentials of Natural Medicine"
October 23 - 27, 2014 Reno Nevada USA (You may attend just one module, or all of the modules)
This 5 Module Course consists of 3 "Live" Modules held in Reno Nevada (Ozone Therapy Certification, Prolozone Phase I, Prolozone Phase II) and 2 DVD Video Presentation Modules that you can "Learn at your Leisure" (OrthoMitochondrial Medicine).


Announcing: The World's Third Veterinarian Specific Ozone Therapy Training & Certification Course
Learn all of the "Veterinarian Specific" Ozone Therapy Protocols

Friday October 24, 2014 Reno Nevada USA 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm
(Please note: All attendees must first take the Prerequisite, Dr. Frank Shallenberger's Ozone Therapy Training and Certification Course Thursday October 23, 2014 until 1:00 pm Friday October 24, 2014, or a prior Ozone Therapy Certification Course taught by Dr. Frank Shallenberger)

“ Adding this positive use of oxygen as medicine to your integrative practices as will allow you to be successful in patients who would not otherwise respond to conventional approaches.”
Dr. Roman

DVM's Take Note of this Unique Opportunity!:

The world’s third Veterinary Ozone Therapy Certification Course in will be held in Reno Nevada October 23 - 24, 2014 (The first was Reno April 2012). This is an intensive course designed to teach veterinarians the fundamental information they need to begin to offer effective ozone therapy to their clients. "Animal Specific" Ozone Therapy Healing Protocols will be taught on Day 2 of the course by the leading expert on Ozone Therapy in Veterinary Medicine.

The first day (October 23, 2014) will be a comprehensive training that will be attended by all practitioners (DVM's, MD's, DO's, DC's, ND's, etc) presented by Frank Shallenberger, MD on the bio-chemical, immunological and physiological aspects of ozone therapy. Dr. Shallenberger MD is the president of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy. He is considered the father of ozone therapy in North America, and is the author of the new clinical textbook on ozone therapy, The Principles and Applications of Ozone Therapy – A Practical guideline For Physicians. The course fee includes a copy of Dr. Shallenberger’s book and a course syllabus.

The morning of Day two (until 1:00 pm October 24, 2014) DVM attendees will complete be the Ozone Therapy Certification Course with Dr. Shallenberger and will then proceed on to the Veterinary Ozone Therapy Practical Training Course presented by Margo Roman, DVM, CVA. Dr. Roman will share her cases, experiences, and techniques and will focus on the basic tools you need to immediately start incorporating ozone therapy into your veterinarian practice. The course will include subcutaneous ozonated saline therapy, local ozone injection therapy (Prolozone), rectal ozone insufflation, ozone wound management (disinfection and healing), and Lyme disease ozone therapy (astounding results). There will be plenty of time to ask questions. Dr. Roman will provide a course syllabus.

Dr. Roman has been practicing Integrative Veterinary Care for over 30 years, and has been using ozone therapy as a mainstay in her clinic for ten years. She has lectured on Ozone at NAVC, Nippon Veterinary School in Japan, Chulakorndorn Veterinary School in Bangkok Thailand, Atlantic Veterinary School Prince Edward Island, and in several Integrative Health Pet Expos. She has recently returned from presenting Veterinary Ozone Therapy information to the IV World Congress of Ozone Oxygen Therapy in Rome Italy (September 26 - 28, 2013).

This Veterinary Ozone Therapy course is approved by the American Academy of Ozonotherapy (AAO). There will be a certification examination at the end of this course. Upon passing the examination, each graduate will be eligible for fellowship certification in the AAO. For information about the AAO visit click here or visiit www.aaot.us.

The fee for the Ozone Therapy in Veterinarian Medicine course is $750 (please note that you also need to attend Dr. Shallenberger's Ozone Therapy Certification Course; to view the registration prices click here). Space is limited for this course, so if you would like to be one of the first of your colleagues to be officially certified in Veterinarian Ozone Therapy please Register Now.

Outline of Course on Veterinary Ozone Therapy

What is Ozone Therapy
Description of its simple properties.
Some of the general applications
Misconceptions of the therapy

History of Ozone
Look at the early beginnings
Early uses
Evolution in the USA
Early Veterinary Uses Globally and in US

Biochemistry to the Ozone therapy
Detail relationship to NAD and NO

Medical uses of OZONE
Differences in Concentrations and Volumes Applied
Different delivery systems
` Ease of adapting to your accepted protocols

Methods of delivery
Rectal insufflation
Subcutaneous fluid infusion
Auricular insufflation
Bagging with both fluid and gas
Injections of gas and fluids

Using Proper Dosages in Animals

Combining with other Nutritional, herbal, Homeopathic and Allopathic therapies

Positive uses for different conditions

Some of the pitfalls of the Therapy

Using Ozone In combination with:
Ultraviolet Blood Therapy
Micro Biome restorative Therapy

Case presentations in Small animals .
Prolotherapy Techniques
Cases and Dosages

Open Discussion:
Overuse of Antibiotics and How Ozone Fits In
Potentiation of other modalities like
Acupuncture Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Massage , Myo-facial work.

Ozone for Pain Pontrol
Give EBM for all the Type Cases
Dental uses of Ozone
Types of Ozone Generators
Safety and Precautions

Use of the Ozonation System


If you would like to purchase the DVD Modules: The Fundamentals of OrthoMitochondrial Medicine™ Please Call Dr. Shallenberger's Office to purchase (775-884-3990). The Regular Price is $1050.00. However, those Registering for the Ozone Therapy Certification Course Receive a $200.00 Discount and pay only $850.00 ! Register for the Ozone Therapy Course and then call for your special price. Please note that this course was designed with the MD and Human Medicine in mind, however Veterinarians are welcome to purchase the course program to learn more about OrthoMitochondrial Medicine!


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