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Oxygen Healing Therapies.com has many, many contributors scattered around the world. The original Oxygen Healing Theapies.com website came into being in 1999 when it was clear that there was a need for someone to post high quality verified information about Ozone Therapy. At that time, some companies were posting information about Ozone Therapy, but unfortunately the information was rife with errors and omissions; some of the protocols were even changed to match the capabilities (or shortcomings) of the ozone generators the companies were trying to sell. Much of the information posted on the internet was (and unfortunately still is) written by self-proclaimed experts who have no training in human medicine and physiology. The information was there, but could you trust it?

The goal of Oxygen Healing Therapies.com was, and still is, to provide you the reader with truthful information regarding Ozone Therapy, and Ozone Therapy Protocols. The Ozone Therapy protocols you see posted on this site have been studied and developed by researchers and licensed, trained medical doctors from around the world. The information posted about Ozone Generators, EWOT - Exercise With Oxygen Therapy, UVBI or Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Therapy is also sourced from experts in the field worldwide.

Shortly after the website began it was also apparent that there was a need for a central database for Ozone Therapy Doctors to post their names, qualifications, and Specialties. Our Ozone Doctor list is one of the most up to date lists available on the internet today. The doctors posted on this list, have obtained the training and the high quality ozone equipment necessary to ensure that the patient's needs and safety are taken care of.

The final key to the promotion and support of Ozone Therapy was to post high quality certified courses for practitioners, that would truly ensure that the practitioners you go to see for Ozone Therapy are actually trained on how to perform Ozone Therapy safely and effectively.

If you would like to see certain information appear on this website please let us know by sending us an email. We receive thousands of emails per week and cannot possibly answer them all. However if enough people ask for the same information or features, we will do our best to modify the website to accommodate those requests. Do you have something to contribute? If so email us at info@oxygenhealingtherapies.com and your information may appear on this web site!

We hope you enjoy the information posted on this site, and truly hope that in some way we have provided a valuable resource to enable you, the reader, to either maintain your health, or regain your health, through some truly amazing, natural, non-toxic methods.

Thank you for reviewing the contents of this web site.

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Disclaimer: Information posted on this website has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA. Oxygen Healing Therapies.com makes no claims regarding the equipment, instruments, books, or courses advertisers on this website may advertise. The Supreme Court has also confirmed that websites posting advertising or links to other websites are not responsible for the information posted on the other websites. This area and these pages are for information only, and should not be considered as medical advice. We are an information source only, and are making no health claims regarding any medical benefit or outcome to any disease state. Ozone Therapy, EWOT Therapy, and UV Therapy are not approved for human or animal use in USA, Canada, nor in many countries around the world (which is rather unfortunate because they are approved in many other countries such as Germany and Italy..but we digress). This information is supplied so that you can make an informed decision regarding altervatives. Please consult with your health practitioner before considering any therapy or therapy protocols.