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Oxygen Healing Therapies is pleased to advertise the most comprehensive Ozone Therapy Training Courses in the world. We focus on listing Ozone Therapy Training Courses that will enable you, the attendee, to obtain a full understanding of the background Biochemical, Immunological, and Physiological effects of Ozone Therapy, while also providing internationally accepted Protocols (Methods of Administering Ozone Therapy) for the Safe and Effective use of Ozone. Central to these course listings is the integrity, experience, and knowledge of the speakers and lecturers of the courses. They are professional, articulate, extremely well educated, knowledgeable and talented in their dispensing of this most important information. They are also not simply repeating information they learned in a text book. These teachers are licensed practitioners who use ozone therapy in their own clinics, and have vast and valuable clinical experiences and information for you. These gifted individuals understand that your educational experience and the level of knowledge you gain from the ozone course depends upon them, just as the health and well being of your patients depends upon you. If you wish to join the thousands of practitioners around the world who are using Ozone Therapy in their practice (such as those on our Ozone Doctor List), please obtain formal Ozone Therapy Training from an experienced and licensed expert. These Ozone Therapy Training Courses will allow you to do just that.

These courses are also offered by legitimate organizations that can not only offer you the most complete educational experience in Ozone Therapy, but also Formal Certification, and in some cases even CME credits.


Dr. Shallenberger's Ozone Therapy Training & Certifcation Course - "The Essentials of Natural Medicine"
Certified by the AAO - American Academy of Ozonotherapy (click here for AAO information)Complete and Current Ozone Therapy Education (Lecture and Live Demonstrations!)
Offered by Ozone Therapy Inc.
(You may register for just one, or all of these course modules).
Continental Breakfast each day; Coffee, Tea, and Snacks Served throughout each day.

Ozone Therapy Training & Certification Course September 17 & 18,, 2015 Reno Nevada USA... SOLD OUT!!
Next Ozone Therapy Certification Course April 7 - 8, 2016; Registrations Open October 20, 2015..put this date on your calendar. The September 2015 course sold out 2 weeks after registrations were opened!

Beginning Prolozone Course September 19 & 20, 2015 Reno Nevada USA ... SOLD OUT!!
Next Beginning Prolozone Course April 9 - 10, 2016; Registrations Open October 20, 2015..put this date on your calendar. The September 2015 course sold out 2 weeks after registrations were opened!

Advanced Prolozone Course September 21, 2015 Reno Nevada USA Register Now! A Few Seats Left (Prerequisite: Beginning Prolozone April 2015, or prior, or special permission)

For more details about these course modules please click here: Details

Please Register Early: This is a full Ozone Therapy Certification Course which includes information that will teach you the 'why' and 'how' Ozone Therapy works, in addition to providing you with Live Demonstrations of Ozone Therapy Protocols. You will receive knowledge and experience that will enable you to begin using Ozone Therapy in your practice immediately after attending this course. Dr. Shallenberger's Ozone Therapy Courses Sell Out 3 Months in Advance. Considering attendees are arriving from all over the world, this is no surprise. We therefore suggest that you Please Register Early to Ensure there is a seat for you. Don't be disappointed! Register Now!

Dr. Shallenberger MD is a licenced medical doctor in the state of Nevada, and the director of the Nevada Center for Alternative and AntiAging Medicine in Carson City, Nevada. He has been teaching Ozone Therapy Courses for over 20 years, and has been using ozone in his own clinic for over 30 years. Dr. Shallenberger ensures an exceptional learning environment and individual attention to every student by minimizing his class sizes. Every single course earns rave reviews (see the Testimonials) and virtually every course sells out months in advance with attendees arriving from all countries around the world. We have had many attendees from Japan, Puerto Rico, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, India, China, The Caribbean, Peru, Guatemala, Spain, South Africa, UK, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Canada, the USA and many more. Dr. Shallenberger's new 5 Module Ozone Therapy Course Series called "The Essentials of Natural Medicine" consists of 3 "Live" modules and 2 "Video" Modules. The Live Modules begin with the "Ozone Therapy Certification Course" which is the only Ozone Course in North America to provide a thorough understanding of the action of ozone on biological systems, complete with references to scientific studies to provide substance and validity to the information that is presented. This module will take you from novice to 'expert' in just two days. The following Beginning Prolozone and Advanced Prolozone Courses provide information and the rationale as to how and why ozone has quickly become the agent of choice for chronic pain. Ozone is the agent capable of resolving pain, degeneration, inflammation in knees, shoulders, hips, elbows, back pain (!), and even an agent capable of healing ruptured discs. A "Hands On Workshop" is included to ensure you are ready to use ozone immediately when you return to your office following these Modules.

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The Use of Ozone in Dentistry - Clinical Course and Workshop
ACIMD - American College for Integrative Medicine and Dentistry
Your Instructors: Dr. Robert Harris DMD, Dr. Phil Mollica DMD
Earns you 14 AGD Credits (Subject Code 162: Ozone)
Certified by the AAO - American Academy of Ozonotherapy (click here for AAO information)

Due to a Ground Swelling of Demand for these courses, they are being offered more often across America and sometimes even two on the same weekend! You asked for more opportunities...here they are !:

New 2015 Dates Just Announced; Courses Sell Out Fast; Please register as soon as possible:

February 6 - 7, 2015, Columbus, Ohio USA (14 AGD Credits) SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
March 27 - 28, 2015 Saddle Brook, New Jersey USA (14 AGD Credits) SOLD OUT
May 15 - 16, 2015 Denver, Colorado USA (14 AGD Credits)

June 12 - 13, 2015 Welland (Toronto), Ontario, Canada (14 AGD Credits)
June 19 - 20, 2015 Indianapolis Indiana USA (14 AGD Credits)
August 21 - 22, 2015 Anchorage Alaska USA (14 AGD Credits)
October 23- 24, 2015 Palo Alto CA USA (14 AGD Credits)

Dr. Robert Harris DMD and Dr. Phil Mollica DMD have been using ozone in clinical practice since 2002. Both of these experienced clinicians are Professor Emeritus from the Departments of Dentistry and Integrative Medicine at Capital University of Integrative Medicine Washington D.C. and both are on the Board of Directors of the ACIMD - American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry. They are the lead investigators in a national outcome study on the use of oxygen/ozone in dentistry. Their Clinical Course and Workshop on the Use of Ozone in Dentistry is restricted to only 10 students to provide each individual an outstanding 'hands on training' experience on how to use ozone as an effective agent capable of resolving every oral infection, from caries, to perio, endo, bone, and soft tissue infections. Ozone; one non-toxic agent with no toxic side effects and no possibility of resistivity. Each course understandably sells out far in advance of the date of the course (i.e. register early). This is an outstanding opportunity for licensed Dentists to obtain intensive hands on training on the use of ozone in dentistry, in an intimate gathering that enables one on one instruction. Practitioners are sent home at the end of the course with a complete understanding regarding the Ozone Protocols that are essential for Dental Medicine, and therefore the ability to use ozone immediately in the practice.

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Ozone & Vitamin Injection Therapy Course (and Workshop)
O3 Medical Services - Medical Education and Management Resources
Your Instructor: Dr. Dennis Harper, DC, ND

2015 NEW Courses:

April 10 - 11, 2015 Irvine CA USA
May 8 - 9, 2015 Seattle WA USA
May 15 - 16, 2015 SCNM Scottsdale (graduating seniors of SCNM only)
June 5 - 6, 2015 Greenville SC USA

Ozone/Vitamin Injection Therapy

Ozone/Vitamin (OV) Injection Therapy is a minimally invasive, non-surgical alternative for injuries and degeneration of the neck, back, knees, joints, hands and discs (yes, herniated discs). It has also been successfully used for arthritic conditions and scar tissue resulting from surgery or injury. A powerful alternative to traditional medicine, Ozone Vitamin Injection Therapy significantly promotes the body’s natural cellular healing processes. This simple yet effective procedure can provide rapid relief of chronic pain while enhancing the body’s natural ability to rebuild damaged areas. The Ozone Vitamin procedure can be done in as little as 10 minutes, is relatively painless, natural and affordable.

Dr. Dennis Harper, D.C., N.D., in association with O3 Medical Services, offers a three Module series of courses that are designed to provide practical, “hands on” workshop training to give you the ability to offer these treatments immediately upon returning to your office. O3 Medical Services will also offer you professional Ozone Vitamin Injection Services such as marketing materials, web site branding, patient brochures, office staff training, telephone support, and office documentation to get you started and help you with continued success.

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