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Ozonated Oils

By Jeffrey Taylor BSc.
(Copyright Jeffrey Taylor, all rights reserved, 2007)

Ozonated oils are manufactured by a few different methods. The most common method is bubbling high concentrations of ozone through the oil of your choice. Oils that have been successfully ozonated include ozonated olive oil, ozonated jojoba oil, ozonated sesame oil, ozonated peanut oil, ozonated coconut oil, and many more. The most common is ozonated olive oil. These ozonated oils are desireable for their antibacterial properties as well as their healing properties. Making the ozonated oils sounds like an easy process, bubbling ozone through the oil. However, the process of making ozonated olive oil is similar to making ozonated water in that a certain protocol should be followed in order to be successful.

Where the ozonated oils differ from ozonated water is in the fact that the ozonated oil, when prepared properly, can hold the ozone almost indefinitely.

Ozonated oil also requires a considerably longer time to make, requiring 3 weeks to 3 months depending upon the concentration of ozone you are using, and the volume of oil you are ozonating.

You will find that the general rules about making ozonated oils are quite similar to making ozonated water:

1/ Use an ozone generator that produces high concentrations of ozone. UV Ozone Generators have an ozone output that is so low, that making ozonated oils is virtually impossible. You need to use a high quality Corona Discharge Ozone Generator.

2/ Large bubbles of ozone do not allow proper transfer of the ozone into the oil, therefore you must use only small bubbles. To make small bubbles you need a 'bubbler'. Although many companies provide bubbling stones, this is not a good idea. These 'stones' will be slowly destroyed by the ozone, and will impart impurities into the oil. Only use ozone resistant bubblers, preferably made from glass.

3/ Ozonate the oil in a glass vessel; never use plastic. This ensures that your water remains pure and uncontaminated.

4/ Success at creating ozonated olive oil (or other oils) is dependant upon the concentration of ozone that you use (the higher the better) the length of time you ozonate the oil, the amount of oil you ozonated, and the size of the bubbles. The shortest period of time that will be required for ozonating olive oil will be 3 weeks of constant ozonation.

5/ If you have an adjustable ozone generator, ozonate the oil at the highest ozone setting possible. It is for this reason that the best ozone generator to use is one that uses cold corona discharge technology. UV Ozone Generators can generate only approximately 1-3 ug/ml, cold plasma usually only 30 ug/ml but sometimes 60 ug/ml, where as cold corona ozone generators generate up to and beyond 100 ug/ml. Ozonating oil is one of the few cases where 'more is better'. Olive oil (and others) will absorb more ozone at the higher ozone concentrations. At the same time however you do not need to be concerned with having too much ozone in the oil, as oil is incapable of absorbing so much ozone that it would be harmful. Therefore ozonate away at the highest ozone output you have for the specified amount of time and you will make the best ozonated oil for your particular ozone generator. (If you have not yet purchased an ozone generator our recomendation is to purchase a high quality cold corona ozone generator with a long warranty - they will make the best ozonated water).

Ozonated Olive Oil is an amazing substance, used for healing wounds that would otherwise not heal. Stories abound of patients unable to heal wounds with topical and IV antibiotics, finally able to heal their wounds with topical application of ozonated oilive oil. The secret? The Ozonated Olive Oil not only kills bacteria, fungus, and other pathogens thereby sterilizing the wound, but it also does what no antibiotic could possibly do - stimulate the healing process.

Our comments here mirror our comments regarding ozonated water, that is that the information regarding ozonated olive oil available on the internet is for the most part, incorrect. Therefore, in the near future, Oxygen Healing Therapies will be posting a series of articles here to provide you with the information you require in order to ensure that you achieve the goals you have in mind for your ozonated oil. We will be posting articles that obtain their information from documented studies and professional information. The internet is full of contradictory information regarding ozonated oil - we aim to provide you with simple, clear, and precise information. Stay Tuned.

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