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(Written by: Jeffrey Taylor, BSc. This information is copyright protected; all rights reserved)

The basic principles of EWOT have been discovered and studied by German physicians*. This information has been known and practiced in Germany since the early 1950's. The practice of breathing high flow rate of 'oxygen enriched air' (90% and above) while exercising has been shown by the Germans to provide dramatic health benefits. The effects are documented to cause not only an increase the oxygen carrying capability of the red blood cells, but also the blood plasma, the fluid portion of the blood.

The blood plasma is not normally recognized for its oxygen carrying capabilities. This job is normally thought to be the sole responsibility of the red blood cells. However there are some cells in our body that rely on the oxygen that is suspended in this blood plasma for normal functioning. Due to a lack of proper breathing practices in 'Western' nations, lack of exercise, and other related factors the levels of oxygen in the blood plasma of most people is below normal. The cells surrounding the small capillaries (very small blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues and organs) which normally rely on this supply of oxygen therefore become oxygen starved. One of the effects of this oxygen starvation is a malfunction of the processes that allow these cells to regulate their fluid balance. In short, the cells begin to absorb fluid. This excess of fluid causes them to swell, which in turn causes the internal diameter of the capillaries to become smaller. This smaller diameter results in less blood being delivered to the tissues and organs (much like squeezing a garden hose affects the amount of water coming out the end), which in turn results in less oxygen and nutrients being delivered to the tissues, organs, and other cells. The final result: age related wounds on the extremities, as well as neuropathies and other general health related issues.

The German research has indicated that breathing oxygen while exercising will not only increase the amount of oxygen carried by the red blood cells, but will also increase the oxygen carried by the blood plasma. The increase re-establishes oxygen delivery to the cells that surround the small capillaries, allows them to lose their excess fluid, which causes them to return to their normal size. The reduction in the swelling of these cells causes the interior diameter of the blood vessels to return to normal, re-establishing the normal oxygen and nutrient supply to tissues and organs.

What does this mean to someone who uses EWOT? What could it do for you? This is a direct quote from the German Researchers who showed that Exercise With Oxygen Therapy is “effective for various indications: renormalization of the O2 loading of the blood in the lung functionally degenerated by old age or severe stress; early stage of cataract, glaucoma, loss of field of vision, impaired focus; angina pectoris, arrhythmias, prophylaxis and rehabilitation for heart disease; edema; peripheral circulation disorders, especially in the lower extremities; circulation disorders, dizziness of old age, senile diabetes; hypertension; general acceleration of any rehabilitation program; lasting increase in physical performance capacity; defense stimulation (immune system stimulation), especially after classical cancer treatments that use radiation and chemotherapy.”

In order to obtain these benefits the German research was very precise regarding the conditions under which the EWOT should be performed, that is, you will require: An oxygen source that produces high flow oxygen of 8 – 10 Liters per minute, a purity of Oxygen at a purity of 90 – 95%, and you also require an EWOT Mask (nasal cannulas and sporty 'Aviator Headsets' will not work).
In the past the source of that oxygen had to be from an oxygen tank (with the appropriate high flow oxygen regulator) as oxygen concentrators were not able to provide the high flow rates required. Unfortunately the use of an oxygen tank requires repeated filling of the tank which is very inconvenient and can become quite expensive. If you consider a person performing EWOT for 15 minutes using 10 Liters per minute, it is a very easy calculation to discover that just one EWOT session consumes 150 Liters of oxygen! If one has a 650 liter tank, this tank would hold sufficient oxygen for only 4 sessions after which it would need to be refilled.

Dramatic progress has been made since the original research was performed, and now high flow (up to 10 Liters per minute) oxygen concentrators producing the high purity oxygen that is required for EWOT (90 – 95%) are not only available, but are also quite affordable for businesses and even for the home user. These oxygen concentrators can be large (up to 60 lbs) however most are available on high quality wheels for easy movement over a flat floor surface.

Those of you who wish to obtain the benefits of EWOT should not be tempted to purchase the smaller, lower flow, lower purity oxygen concentrators that are now available from China and some North American and European resellers. These small oxygen concentrators typically produce only 2 to 3 Liters per minute, at a purity level of only 30 – 50%. Although the small size of these oxygen concentrators can be attractive, the original German research has indicated that the benefits of EWOT can only be obtained with the 8 – 10 Liters per minute of 90 – 95% oxygen documented in their studies.

One must also be careful to avoid the use of a standard oxygen concentrator that produces 5 Liters per minute, which just happens to be the most common oxygen concentrator on the market. These 5 Liter Per Minute models are fine for those patients who are either housebound or wheel chair bound, due to the fact that they are not exercising. However the original German research shows that 5 Liters Per Minute is insufficient to provide the benefits of EWOT.

Not only is 8 - 10 Liters per minute required, but the person seeking to obtain the benefits of EWOT will also need to be wearing an EWOT Mask. This is an oxygen mask that has a bag attached to it. The bag catches the oxygen that would otherwise be lost when you are exhaling. Since this oxygen is caught by the bag, and not lost, you are able to breathe it in on the next inhalation. This is the only way that you will be able to breathe all of the oxygen that is made from the oxygen concentrator. A standard oxygen mask, nasal cannula (nose hose), or an aviator style headset will simply not work because the oxygen produced by the oxygen concentrator is lost to the air when you are exhaling.

This can be a difficult concept to understand, so think about it this way: An oxygen concentrator that your relatives are no longer using produces 5 Liters per minute. You also have some Nasal Cannulas, or a standard oxygen mask. Why not try EWOT? You use it several times, but don't feel a difference. Why not? Well, first of all the oxgyen concentrator is only producing 5 Liters per minute, when you actually need 8- 10 Liters per minute. Secondly, you are using a standard oxygen mask (or a nasal cannula). So, when you breathe in you are getting the oxygen from the oxygen concentrator. But, you only breathe in 1/2 of the time. That is, if you time yourself for one minute, you are only breathing in for 30 seconds. Since you are only breathing in for half of the time, and since the oxygen concentrator is producing only 5 Liters per minute, that means you are actually only breathing in half of the oxygen the oxygen concentrator is producing, or 2.5 Liters per minute. The German Research indicates that you need to breathe 8 - 10 Liters per minute. No wonder it is not working for you! You are only getting about 1/4 of the oxygen that you need! Only an 8 - 10 Liter Per Minute oxygen source will work for you, and even this will only work for you if you have the EWOT mask with a bag reservoir so that the bag can catch the oxygen you would have missed when exhaling.

EWOT is extremely simple, inexpensive, can be done in any location, and is a well researched technique that can be used to prevent or to address health problems and disorders caused by poor oxygen delivery. Due to advances in technology the high flow high purity oxygen equipment required for EWOT is easily accessible to all. The benefits are yours if you use the proper oxygen flow, and the EWOT Mask. Now that you are aware this information….how can you resist?

*Reference Source: Available upon Request.
This information has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Results may vary. This information is not meant to imply any health benefits, to encourage any person to breathe oxygen, nor is intended to diagnose or cure any disease. Always speak to a qualified physician before attempting any activity that may affect your health.

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