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The Real Cause of Cancer - And the Only Way to Stop It
Written by: Rober Rowan MD;
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Did you know that if you contract stage-4 cancer, conventional medicine has absolutely nothing that can cure you? Some time ago, the Congressional Record stated that no one has ever been cured at this late stage with chemo, radiation, surgery, or any combination of these.

What’s worse, though, is that the government knows this is true and still gives orthodox medicine a government-granted monopoly on cancer treatment.

Fortunately, there are mavericks that risk their livelihood to offer treatments that can beat cancer at any stage. While some of them end up in prison or in poverty, there are others who fly below the government’s radar and make a huge difference in the way we fight cancer.

One such man was Otto Warburg, one of my greatest medical heroes. What he discovered about cancer more than half a century ago won him the Nobel Prize. But more importantly, it may spare your life.

Dr. Warburg was a brilliant German scientist who found the common denominator of all cancers. It’s a very simple thread that connects every cancer — and exposes cancer’s weakness. His meticulous research won him the Nobel Prize in 1931. And subsequent groundbreaking work earned him a second Nobel Prize offer in 1944. Unfortunately, the Nazis wouldn’t let him receive it. Warburg studied cancer in real time. That means he studied cells as they transformed from normal to cancer as it was happening. His incredible paper was called “The Metabolism of Carcinoma Cells.” It was published in America in the Journal of Cancer Research in 1925.

The connection he discovered was a common metabolic link in all cancers. And it was not pesticides, preservatives, radiation, chemicals, poisons, or any other carcinogen. Wait a minute! Weren’t we taught to believe that carcinogens damage DNA and cause cancer by genetic injury? It’s true all of these are factors. But they all lead to only one simple bottom line — they all prevent your cells from getting or using oxygen.

Warburg’s story is all about oxygen. You know that I, too, love to use oxygen to treat disease. It’s the stuff of life. Consume more oxygen and live longer. Consume less and your life will be shortened with more chronic degeneration. Just what kind of degeneration? Not just circulatory diseases and infections, but cancer!

Most doctors think that less oxygen simply means a heart attack or stroke. But Warburg proved it also can mean cancer. Here’s why: You know that your cells need to make energy. They do that by burning sugars and fats with oxygen. It’s sort of like the combustion engine, which burns gasoline and oxygen in your car’s engine. Deprive your car’s engine of gasoline or oxygen, and it will stop running. Warburg found that malignant tumors always have a degree of oxygen deprivation.

He also found that cancerous tumors produced far more lactic acid than benign tumors. Lactic acid is what cells produce when they burn sugar without enough oxygen. It’s also what yeast produces when it ferments. Warburg argued that, malignant cancer cells are essentially cells that are fermenting. As the degree of fermentation increases, so does the degree of malignancy.

So the next question is, “Why don’t you get cancer in your brain or heart when a clot forms cutting off the blood supply?” That kind of oxygen deficit will cause instant cell death — a heart attack or stroke.

Warburg found in order for cancer to develop, damaged cells must survive long enough for fermentation to start. Total oxygen deprivation definitely means cell death and no subsequent degeneration to cancer. So there’s a mysterious delay between a partial insult and the development of cancer. The length of this delay is different in different animals. In man, it can take several decades. Or it can happen much quicker.

Warburg emphasized that you can’t make a cell ferment unless a LACK OF OXYGEN is involved. In 1955, two American scientists, R.A. Malmgren and C.C. Flanigan, confirmed Warburg’s findings. They found that oxygen deficiency is ALWAYS present when cancer develops.

Now here’s the real kicker. Warburg found that you can reverse fermentation simply by adding oxygen – but only if you do it early enough. He incubated cells in nitrogen, starving them of oxygen for regular but short periods. Starving the cells of oxygen caused them to begin fermentation. Restoring oxygen promptly enabled the cells to recover. But the longer they were oxygen starved, the slower and less certain the recovery. With enough oxygen starvation, cells don’t recover. Once they reach a certain point, no amount of oxygen will return them to normal.

So all of this begs the question, “Why do cells lose oxygen in the first place?” I mentioned earlier that poisons, preservatives, radiation, or other carcinogens all affect a cell’s ability to use oxygen. But there’s something far more common that has the same impact — glucose.

Warburg said that glucose brings a cell’s ability to use oxygen to a standstill. So if you flood your cells with glucose, your cells won’t get the oxygen they need to function correctly. That will begin fermentation, which leads to cancer. This is why I repeatedly call for you to avoid all refined foods. That’s the best way to stop the flood of glucose into your cells.

Now you know the underlying cause of cancer. The next question to consider is what we can do to enhance oxygen delivery. Well, one method is exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT or multi-step therapy), which I’ve told you about in the past.

But what about your diet? Warburg did a lot of work on vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. He found that they help cells use oxygen more efficiently. Today, we know that vitamins and minerals are absolute requirements for your enzymes to work. When you’re deficient in nutrients, it impairs your cell’s ability to use oxygen and produce energy. I prefer you get most of your nutrients from your food. But supplements will also help.
Ref: Cancer Research, vol. 15(7).

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