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Where Does Ozone Come From?
Ozone is created in nature and can also be created by machines called ozone generators.

Natural Ozone
In nature, Ozone is created near the edge up space when Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) coming from the sun makes contact with the oxygen in the atmosphere. The energy from the UV is imparted to the oxygen and turns some of the oxygen (O2) into Ozone (O3). The layer of Ozone that is created is referred to as “The Ozone Layer”. The Ozone Layer is not only created by UV’s interaction with oxygen, but it also protects the Earth from UV rays coming from the sun. If it was not for the Ozone Layer, life as we know it would not exist on planet Earth.

Ozone is also created here at ground level, in many different places and by different processes. For example Ozone is created when UV light from the sun interacts with water spray and foam in waves. It is also created by water falls. Have you ever wondered why the air smells so fresh by the sea side or by a water fall? It is because there is ozone in the air in these areas.

Isn’t ozone “smog”? So isn’t’ ozone toxic?

On hot days in cities they always report the smog levels. If the smog levels are high they warn elderly and those of ill health to stay indoors. How do they measure the smog levels? The problem with smog is that ‘smog’ is actually a complex ever changing mixture of toxic gasses and particles. Since the constituents of smog are changing all the time, it is very difficult to measure it accurately. Early on it was noted that when smog levels are high, it is accompanied by a high level of ozone in the air. When smog levels are low, there is a low level of ozone in the air. We can all thank Mother Nature for the Ozone, as it is there to destroy (oxidize) the toxic chemicals in smog and return the air to a breathable status. But since ozone is so easy to measure, scientists gave up trying to measure smog and instead rely on ozone levels to indicate how much smog is in the air. Since they are measuring ozone levels, the word “Ozone” became synonymous with ‘smog’ and everyone gets the idea that ozone is toxic (which of course, it is not)..

Ozone is also created by thunderstorms. The lightning you see in the sky is a discharge of energy that had been building in the thundercloud. When the lightning bolt contacts the air, some of the oxygen (O2) in the air is turned into Ozone (O3). That fresh clean smell you experience during and after a thunderstorm is actually the smell of ozone.

Ozone Made by Machines.
In the late 1800’s it was found that ozone could be made artificially by exposing air to. The more energy you exposed the air to, the more ozone you can create. The machine used to create the ozone was simply referred to as an ‘ozone generator’. There a thousands of different ozone generators on the market, and hundreds of different ways to design and build them. They typically use two different types of technologies to generate the ozone: UV (Ultraviolet Radiation) and an electrical discharge method commonly referred to as Corona Discharge. While UV is simple to understand and use, the applications are limited due to the relatively low ozone output capabilities of a UV ozone generator. Since Medical Ozone Therapy requires relatively high ozone concentrations, the UV Technology is therefore usually reserved for very light water purification or air purification. Higher concentrations of ozone are available from the Corona Discharge technologies, but because there are hundreds of very different Corona Discharge technologies, they are more difficulat to understand. The difficulty in understanding how they work, makes it more difficult for the average consumer to know if they are purchasing the proper ozone generator, or not.

Because of the complexities of ozone generators it would be best if you read as much as you can before making a purchase. If you wish to know more about how an ozone generator works, and which ones are suitable for your application, you should first investigate all of the Corona Discharge technologies, make sure you know if the proper technology is in the ozone generator that you are considering purchasing. You must also ensure that the ozone, when inside the machine, does not come into contact with any components that are plastic, rubber, or metal, otherwise the ozone that is produced could be toxic. You also need to ensure that the ozone generator produces the proper ozone concentrations, or strengths of ozone, otherwise it simply will not work for you.

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