You Don't Need to be a Member of the AAO to Attend the Conference in May 2018 in Nevada USA!

All Practitioners are Welcome! Registrations are Open!

Amazing Line-up of International Conference Speakers!

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"Ozone Kills MRSA1, VRE2, Rebuilds Knee / Hip / Shoulders3, Has Been Proven to be More Effective than Spinal Surgery4!"

Why Would you Attend?

1. New to Ozone Therapy? Wondering why interest is skyrocketing? Attend the Introductory Lecture on Thursday May 4, 2018. A Full Introduction is presented by Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD.

2. Interested in Ozone Therapy or already using it? Listen to international speakers from Germany, Brazil, Spain provide NEW information on Ozone Therapy May 4, 5, 2018!!

3. Meet hundreds of fellow pracitioners using Ozone Therapy! Talk with them to learn their experience and find out how it can make that major leap in medical science for you and your patients!

So...the real question is, Why Would you Not Attend?

Registrations are open...only 300 seats are already fillingt!. You can Register Here. The rooms at the Green Valley Rangch where the AAO Conference is being held are almost gone! Register Now!!

"I Had No Idea So Many Practitioners are Using Ozone!"

Each annual meeting attracts 300 Ozone Practitioners from around the world. The oustanding attendance each year is a testament to this amazing organization that brings together all disciplines, all practitioners, all professionals with an interest in Medical Ozone Therapy.

Ozone Medical Doctors, Ozone Dentists, Ozone Veterinarians, Ozone Chiropractors, Ozone Naturopathic Physicians, Ozone LPN's, and many, many more spend these weekends learning from the speakers, and learning from each other.

"The 2017 Conference Attracted The Highest Number of Ozone Practitioners Ever To Assemble Together in North America! You must go to the May 2018 Conference"

More professionals than ever are now using Ozone Therapy in America. The word is out that the AAO Conference is the best way to learn the most about ozone in the shortest amount of time. Over a period of 3 days be prepared to be amazed as the speakers at this event report substantiated objective results of medical 'miracles' occuring while using Ozone Therapy in their practice.

AAO 2018 International Conference Speakers..... Exciting! Register Now!

To view the most up to date schedule please see the AAO website by clicking here.

Fadi Sabbah, DDS
- has done some absolutely remoarkable research into the clinical use of ozonated water and ozonated saline in both medical and dental applications.

Pravin Patel, MD Dr. Patel is one of our academy members who will be reviewing his work with stem cells in diabetes and arthritis.

Dennis Mihalka, DDS Dr. Mihalka has some remarkable original research into the clinical use of ozonated water and ozonated saline in both medical and dental applications.

Silvia Menendez, PhD Dr. Menendez is certainly one of the premier ozone researchers in the world. She is always exciting to to hear what she can teach us. She will address adenosine receptors and ozone therapy among other topics.

Phil Mollica MS, DMD Dr. Mollica will present a review of the physics, measurements, and clinical aspects of ozonated water.

Dr. Greg Steiner - Dr. Steiner is a world leader in bone regeneration and will be presenting a dental segment Thursday afternoon with Dr. Mollica.

Eric Wert, Ph.D. Dr. Wert is an expert in the use of ozonated water. He is the Project Manager in Applied Water Quality Research for the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

Frank Shallenberger, MD AAO president, Dr. Shallenberger will be presenting a review of the latest in the medical use of ozone therapy. Dr. Shallenberger is also the Principle Investigator for the IRB approved AAO research project investigating the cost effectiveness, safety, and efficacy of ozone therapy. He will be presenting an update on what he has learned so far.

Mingxiong Huang, Ph.D. Dr. Huang is a professor of radiology at the University of California, San Diego. He will present the amazing results of his original and recently published work using microcurrent neurofeedback to treat traumatic brain injury.

Constantine Kotsanis, MD Dr. Kotsanis has been on the forefront of alternative/integrative cancer therapy for years. He will be presenting some innovative strategies for advanced stage cancer management.

Heinz Konrad, MD Our members are all familiar with Dr. Konrad, one of the original pioneers in ozone therapy. Dr. Konrad will be presenting cases of herpes zoster and ozone therapy.

This schedule is as of February 2018. Schedule is subject to change. Please check the AAO Registration Page here to see the most accurate and up to date schedule.

***While AAO strives to provide meals that accommodate a variety of dietary needs, we are not able to meet all. If you are Kosher or have strict restrictions, please make arrangements or contact the Green Valley Ranch Hotel to see if they can assist you. AAO will not pay for special meals arranged, even if you choose not to eat the food provided for our AAO group.

All Practitioners are Welcome! Registrations are Open! Register NOW to ensure there is space for you! Click Here!

2 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21920551
3 http://www.ijpmr.com/ijpmr1102/ozone.pdf

See the AAO Website here: www.aaot.us

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