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Steam Sauna Therapy Information - Why is Steam Sauna Therapy So Valuable?


Throughout history and around the world people have gone to great lengths to build sweat lodges, sweat houses, steam saunas, and other buildings and structures suitable for applying heat and steam to the body. Through medical science we now know how valuable sweating is to the body, but our ancestors already knew this instinctively => heat and sweating heals the body.

Under normal circumstances in todays 'advanced' cultures people of the world tend to avoid sweating, leaving the elimination of waste up to the kidneys and the liver. Elimination of waste is essential to the health of the human body, for if the wastes are not eliminated, the body would quickly die. You need only visit the diaslysis unit of any hospital to realize how vital waste elimination is to the body.

Preserving the normal function of the kidneys and liver is therefore vital to human health. Doesn't it also make sense to find other ways to eliminate toxins from the body: this is where the skin comes in. The skin is often called the 3rd kidney. As mentioned above, we normally tend to avoid sweating. What if we encouraged sweating in order to ensure the body eliminates toxins? How would we do this? Steam Sauna is the most comfortable and beneficial way to accomplish this goal. Steam Sauna "Therapy" all of a sudden begins to make perfect sense.

The skin normally only accomplishes approximately 10% of the work of the kidneys, however with simple stimulation through sweating, this rate can rise to approximately 30% of the entire body toxin elimination.

Steam Sweat Therapy is a powerful healing tool that is rarely used in North American Society. Steam Therapy should be part of everyone's daily health plan. Read the articles to find out how Steam Sauna Therapy can help you to maintain, or regain your health! We will be posting more and more articles relating to Steam Sauna Therapy. Whether you choose to purchase a home sauna such as a steam sauna cabinet, a sauna room, or perhaps build your own sauna, you can easily and inexpensively take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to maintain your health.

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