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Ask Dr. Robert Harris, DMD, NMD

So many professionals have so many questions about Ozone Therapy in Dentistry that the staff at Oxygen Healing can not keep up. Email Dr. Harris at:

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Robert E. Harris Jr., DMD, one of the Directors of the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry and a renowned expert on the use of Ozone in Dentistry has agreed to answer your questions. Dr. Harris teaches over 30 "Ozone in Dentistry" courses every year and he has been using Ozone Therapy in his dental practice for over 12 years.

With this level of experience you know that Dr. Harris' answers will be professional, to the point, and accurate. You are receiving answers from the expert!

Send your questions to Dr. Robert Harris at this address: Dr. Harris does travel extensively and also runs his own busy practice, so please provide him with a few days to reply to your email.

Please note that Dr. Harris will only be answering questions from Dentists regarding the Use of Ozone in a Dental Practice. He unfortunately can not answer questions from patients. If you are a patient and would like more information about Ozone in Dentistry please read the information posted on this site and also ask your dentist to become involved in using ozone.


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