Dr. Robert Rowen's Ozone Therapy Training Course
August 1 - 2, 2015 Santa Rosa California USA (Dr. Rowen's Office)

Dr. Robert Rowen's Ozone Therapy Training Course

October 2014 Dr. Rowen went to Sierra Leone where he trained local medical doctors on how to administer ozone to treat Ebola! Ebola and Ozone Therapy? There is no better solution to the epidemic spread of the Ebola virus in these poor West African nations. Dr. Rowen will explain how and why Ozone Therapy is the ideal solution to treat Ebola and other virual diseases. He can also tell you of his first hand interactions with the President of Sierra Leone (who received an Ozone Therapy treatment), the doctors, and the politics of Ozone Therapy in Sierra Leone.

August 1, 2015 Santa Rosa California
This is a “hands-on” one day workshop demonstrating all available techniques of ozone, UBI, and H2O2 administration. As a new addition to the course, Dr. Rowen will also be teaching the DIV method of direct ozone administration and this time even Dr. Howard Robins (his colleague who traveled to Sierra Leone with him) will be there to teach and demonstrate his DIV technique to the attendees. Additionally, Dr. Johann Lahodny of Austria will be at the course August 2, 2015 to teach a high dose ozone therapy he has dubbed OHT.

There are no didactic lectures, however, a full library of didactic information is provided on a CD or USB drive.

If you would like to consider registering for this Santa Rosa Workshop for which Dr. Rowen is known, please see the contact details for registration contact alanah@sonic.net..

For ozone, we demonstrate MAH, including the very advanced “hyperbaric” method of MAH, minor autohemotherapy, rectal administration, bagging, bladder, direct intravenous gas, vaginal, ear administration, and ozonized water. Also – demonstrations on patients and participants on joint, tendon and soft tissue ozone injections.
For UBI, we demonstrate 3 methods: syringe, bottle, and bottle with ozone. We also provide information on sodium chlorite administration as well as IV and nebulized H2O2.

Demonstrations will include a Longevity Resources Inc. Ozone Generator, the manufacturer who donated 10 Ozone Systems for the Sierra Leone humanitarian mission.

A full library of current and past articles on ozone, UBI and other oxidation modalities is provided. The day is devoted to practical demonstrations.

Do you need proof that Ozone Therapy works?

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